Repair & Painting

In addition to painting my own frames, I also repair steel frames and paint other frames, from mountain bikes to road bikes in all materials.  Steel frame repairs include frame and fork alignment, braze-ons, and tube replacements.

VMD 3647

I prefer Du Pont Imron, a two-part polyurethane epoxy paint, for its durability and fade resistance.  The current Du Pont Imron catalog has 300 solid and metallic colors; also available are Imron colors from previous catalogs, pearls, and custom mixes.  In the shop are pieces of tube painted with the colors chosen by my customers over the last thirty years.

First, the frame is stripped chemically and inspected for rust or other damage; then the frame receives a phosphoric acid bath which inhibits corrosion and promotes primer adhesion.  The primer coat is Du Pont polyurethane epoxy; the color coat is usually two coats for solids and three for metallics.  After application of decals, the clearcoat is applied to the desired thickness depending on the type of decals used and finish desired. 

A large selection of reproduction decals is available for many American custom and production frames and for many European and Japanese production frames.

The average delivery time for a paint job is usually a month to six weeks. Upon receipt of the frame I will mail you a color chart if requested, and I can also send painted tube samples if desired.    +1 612-724-8843