Chris Kvale Cycles

Chris Kvale individually designs classic             custom frames for optimum fit and   specific performance requirements. 

Two of the most important aspects of a   custom bicycle frame are the following:

mm• The fit is the best possible for the rider

• The design is the best possible for its use

Each Chris Kvale frame is custom made to meet both objectives; it will provide a superior fit and will be designed to be comfortable and stable, allowing you to achieve your maximum performance whether it be a fast recreational ride or a long-distance tour.  

The fitting procedure in the shop takes about three hours and includes a thorough consideration of the design concepts and frame dimensions.  In addition to taking your body measurements, the fitting includes an analysis of your current frame and a ride together to understand the dynamic relationship between you and your bicycle.  If you are unable to visit the shop, we can discuss via telephone and e-mail the details of the new frame.  This discussion will center around you, your bicycle, and your requirements for a new frame, including instructions for taking your body measurements. 

The frame is constructed with specialty steel tubing; the type and weight of tubing are chosen to match your weight, riding style, and use.  It is built in a traditional lugged style with standard or oversize tubing, curved fork blades, all standard braze-ons, a choice of two styles of seatstays, and a stainless steel tunnel through the top tube for the rear brake cable casing.  Materials include Columbus and Reynolds tubing, investment cast fork crowns engraved CKC, investment cast lugs and bottom brackets, and forged dropouts.  

Individually made, one at a time, each frame requires many days of work. The frame is silver brazed throughout, except for the dropouts, which are brass brazed.  The lugs are finely filed, thinned, and finished to an elegant simplicity.  

Painting, decaling, and clearcoating are all done in my shop.  A wide range of DuPont Imron paint, either solid or metallic, is available.  Each paint job is custom; options include a contrasting head tube, down tube panel, and seat tube panel.  Multiple coats of clear are applied over the decals to achieve a smooth, level finish.

My fifty years on the bike includes twenty years of competition, a U.S. transcontinental record, long-distance touring, and daily commuting.  This broad experience reflects my passion for cycling and brings a unique depth of understanding of frame design.

Classic sport and recreational road frames are my specialty.  Touring, commuting, and racing (road and track) frames are also available.

In addition to building my own frames, I repair and paint other frames and specialize in work on classic frames built since the 1960’s.  Frames can be refurbished to modern standards or restored to a high level of authenticity with modern decals.

Please write or call for a brochure, price list, and additional photos.    +1 612-724-8843